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Exciting news!

I have recently launched a weight loss program and the response I have received from it is simply overwhelming in the best possible way! I have spoken to so many people recently who all are saying the same thing. They are telling their doctors they want to lose weight but are simply told to work out more. Thanks for the medical advice am I right?

Our bodies are fascinating machines that were built for survival. Sometimes that will work against us in today's world. With our busy schedules and convenience of prepackaged goods, it's no wonder nearly half of America's population is obese. With more time that goes by, we are finding that so much of the American diet contains ingredients that are inflammatory.

Everyday Wellness LLC is a program that will meet you where you are in your weight loss journey. We will discuss nutrition, physical activity and supportive medications. You will have access to a private online support group and weekly group workouts. It's a lot of fun and I'm really excited to be a part of it. If you have any questions, peel free to send me a text or call me at 316-391-3465!

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